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Are Artificial Grass Seams Visible? 

Are artificial grass seams visible?


The answer to this question can be both yes and no as there are multiple factors involved. What can make a join or seam more visible than others? The most important factor is most definitely the quality of the installation. Does your installer know what he/she is doing? When it comes to installing an area of artificial grass that is too large to be completed with one piece then joins are inevitable and there is a tried and tested method to make sure that this is completed correctly. 

First of all we must understand that artificial grass is a "stitched" product and the product itself has uniform rows of stitches on the backside of the product. (Picture below.)

When two separate pieces of artificial grass are bought together to create a join we make sure that the two corresponding rows of stitches from each separate piece of grass have an equal distance between them. (The same distance that you would find between the stitches on one individual piece of grass.)


This spacing is very important. Two pieces of artificial grass that are too close together create a more visible seam as the blades from each separate roll of grass come together and create a ridge or a "mohawk" where the two meet creating a visible seam. Equally if the two rolls of grass are too far apart then a gap down the join also makes the seam more visible. 

A good installer will know these basic fundamentals and be able to make your join more or less invisible to the eye. However there are other factors that come into play. 

  • Discolouration on the edge of a new roll (part of manufacturing or logistic process) 

  • Uneven stitches/joins (Cheap artificial grass) 

  • Poor Sub-base preparation 

  • Different Batch Colours 

  • Glue/Adhesive on Grass Join


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