Artificial Grass Installations

Horsham Landscaping Specialists provides a professional installation of a wide range of Artificial Grass & Astroturf. We work with manufacturers across Europe to make sure that our Artificial Grass simply looks better for longer than any other Artificial Grass company out there. Horsham Landscaping Specialists has completed a number of Artificial Grass Installations throughout the UK.

Our Installation Process- Step by Step

At Horsham Landscaping Specialists, we not only provide/supply the highest quality of artificial grass but we also provide a full installation service leaving you with a fantastic new artificial garden.

Here we provide a full step by step guide to installing an Artificial Grass Area.

Site Visit

The first step on your journey to a brand new artificial lawn is a site survey from one of our professional installers visit which allows us to gain more information about your existing lawn and the amount of preparation required. During this visit, we will bring a range of Artificial Grass Samples for you to choose from and you can ask our pros for the best advice as to which Artificial Grass will be best suited to your requirements.

Removal of Existing Lawn and Excavation

After you’ve decided to use Horsham Landscaping Specialists as your professional install team, we will move quickly to get work underway on your garden. To provide a good foundation for your artificial grass we will excavate the existing area to a minimum depth of 70mm with the help of our industrial turf cutters. This part of the process ensures the ground is flat and removes any existing surface weeds.

Stabilizer Membrane

At Horsham Landscaping Specialists we pride ourselves on this additional step in our installation process. A layer of stabilizer membrane is fixed in place beneath your new artificial grass sub-base. This membrane's primary use is to act as a sort of hammock and to prevent any of your new materials from sinking which means no dips or holes in your new artificial grass area further down the line. An added benefit of using this stabilizer is that it also acts as a weed membrane acting as your first defense against those pesky weeds.



Following removal of existing debris, we edge the entire perimeter of the area using either pressure treated timber or a cement haunching against other existing hard landscaping features, such as patios concrete slabs. This ensures the material that lies under your lawn is thoroughly supported, prevents your grass from being picked up at the edges, and makes sure that it keeps its shape once it has been laid.



Once the edging is complete, we install type 1 limestone to a depth of 80mm. This is then compacted using a whacker plate. A blinding of sharp Sand or grano dust can then be used to create your final levels on top of the type 1 limestone. After this, the whacker plate is used again to compact this final layer and to ensure a level surface. This sub-base ensures that your new artificial grass area can withstand the traffic of garden activities and is totally permeable which can also add drainage to your garden.

Weed Membrane

The final stage prior to laying your artificial grass is to install another weed membrane. Not only does this prevent weeds from coming up through your lawn but it also prevents seeds dropped by trees or birds flying overhead from germinating in your layer of sharp sand.


Installation of Artificial Grass

Once the base is complete, the area is ready for your Artificial Grass. At Horsham Landscaping Specialists our professional installers dedicate themselves to ensuring the grass is perfectly aligned and rolled with the pile facing the correct direction. The seams are then secured with adhesive and the edges of the artificial turf are nailed, or glued depending on the type of edging used earlier.

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